Birthday students in August

Here’s the list of birthday students in August

Kaitlyn B.(3rd) Mansimrat K.(3rd)
Navbir K.(4th) Jasnoor S.(5th)
Aakash K.(5th) Japji P.(5th)
Darsh S.(6th)Jeffery M.(6th)
Mannat S.(7th) Ajeeshan S.(8th) Divya A.(10th) Akshaya M.(11th) Alexandra S.(11th)
Daniel D.(14th) Jaibir K.(15th) Aaryan K.(17th) Parmeet S.(18th) Amreet S.(19th) Jeet S.(20th)
Dev B.(22nd) Omar E.(22nd) Gabriel S.(23rd)
Harshaan R.(23rd) Raiden G.(26th)
Daman D.(27th) Tavion S.(27th)
Hartel H.(29th) Harshveer S.(29th)

Happy Birthday Tigers !

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