Birthday students in March

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Here’s the list of birthday students in March

Jaylah M.(2nd) Roman M.(3rd) Rome U.(4th) Arujan G.(9th) Sameer S.(9th) Avir A.(9th)

Emily A.(11th) Aiden K.(13th)

Sumreet M.(14th) Shehroze M.(16th)

Shaila J.(16th) Mason K.(17th) Smit P.(19th) Ayron C.(19th) Andrew S.(19th)

Aryan Y.(19th) Kaden A.(21st)

Shimona P.(22nd)Akul C.(22nd)

Ayaan Z.(22nd) Abraham S.(23rd)

Sarah L.(24th) Anay P.(27th)

Fareeha A.(28th) Meghana N.(29th)

Nimrat S.(31st) Dominic L.(31st)

Happy Birthday Tigers !