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Little Tigers

At the beginning growth stage of life being able to dream big and grow into the world, we help all of our children from age 5~7 to help build and shape balanced physics, sturdy and respectful personality along with creativity in order for them to be bright and healthy with love and care.

Junior Tigers

Adolescence is by far one of the most important stages in life where the most rapid changes occur both in our body and also within our emotions and personality. Within our stage by stage training programs, we help our young children to build not only a healthy body but healthy lifestyle as a whole, and with also a bright and social personality. We lead our young children to become the leaders of their generation with enhanced concentration, courage, strength, and leadership learned from our program.

Big Tigers

TaeKwonDo as an exercise that utilize both muscle power and cardiovascular strength enables our body to use much larger portion of calories than any other exercises during the same about of active time. Use of even the smallest muscle in our body to balance and maneuver, practicing TaeKwonDo makes a well balanced strong physics. The skills of self defense and high level kicks help one to focus and maintain a strong mindset that enhances one’s concentration and provides protection for themselves at the time of need. With regular training, it is widely know that TaeKwonDo is great for keeping a younger healthy body protecting everyone from potentially diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, or any diseases that might come with age naturally.


TIGERS After School Program. Tiger instructors will pick up our lovely students from their school to Tiger Taekwondo and provide an exclusive daily Taekwondo lesson with varieties of fun activities. Also, there will be time for school homeworks and snacks under Tiger instructors’ supervision. We guarantee the high quality curriculum and schedule of Tiger Taekwondo for our “After school program”. Spots are limited. Please inquire at the office for details.

Dream The World!



Tae Kwon Do is the way of the foot and the hand. Deeply rooted in tradition, it has developed into a widely recognized international sport that fosters mental perseverance and discipline as well as physical fitness

The nature of TaeKwonDo comes from the basic moves that anyone in any age could perform. With kicking and punching as the basic of training, it is essential in keeping up the healthy and strong body in any stages of life

Fast becoming a global sport with over 200 countries practicing Tae Kwon Do, the benefits associated with its practice are numerous for people of all age groups. Improved motor ability, physical strength and flexibility as well as a better ability to focus and expand social skills are some tools the Tiger Tae Kwon Do school are happy to empower their students with.

  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Self-Defense


Introduce Tigers Team
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Grand Master of Tiger Taekwondo
♦8th Dan TaeKwonDo Certificate
♦9th Dan TaeKwonDo Certificate (Odo-kwan)
♦TaeKwonDo instructor certificate
♦TaeKwonDo coach certificate
♦Promotion test judge certificate
♦T.K.D judge certificate (Kor T.K.D association)
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Master Harold Park

Head Master of Tiger Taekwondo
♦5th Dan TaeKwonDo Certificate
♦Head instructor of Tiger Taekwondo
♦Tigers Poomsae, Sparring team coach
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Master Dustin Park

Manager of Tiger Tae Kwon Do
♦5th Dan TaeKwonDo Certificate
♦Manager of Tiger TaeKwonDo
♦Tiger TaeKwonDo Demo team Coach
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Master Yoonsook Bae

Master of Tiger Taekwondo
♦4th Dan TaeKwonDo Certificate
♦6th Dan TaeKwonDo Certificate (Odo-Kwan)
♦Physical Education Teacher Certificate
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Joseph Kim

Master of Tiger Taekwondo
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Kevin Samuel

Instructor of Tiger Taekwondo
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Shamoeel Baldiwala

Assistant Instructor of Tiger TaeKwonDo
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Justin wong

Assistant instructor of Tiger TaeKwonDo


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